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The Asian art sector is a developing market with a high demand for content and program: on the one hand there are glamourous new performance centers and state of the art concert halls that require a high-profile programs and on the other hand there are government facilities who are keen on investing in artistic education.

Particularly world-class orchestras, dance-companies, singers and musicians with a high Western standard are in strong demand in Asian countries, including Taiwan, Sinagapore, Korea, Japan, and increasingly mainland China.

For European Artists, however, touring in Asia can still be a jarring experience if not prepared well. The work ethics, the expectations and behavior of the audiences, the standards of travel, food and accommodation can differ vastly from that on European tours.

Being “at home” in both cultures and providing invaluable local networks, Shaksfin has made its mark as the “Asian Touring Agent” for established companies and artists from abroad, among them the Hamburg Ballet, the Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart, Gidon Kremer, and the Zurich Ballet.

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