Artist Agency & Touring

This area is being developed primarily in Asia through Shaksfin Asia Pte. Ltd. There are no other Asian agents outside of Japan with a track record in dealing with Western artists and bringing over world-class orchestras and dance companies with a high Western standard.

As a pioneer, Shaksfin is one of the first privately run enterprises, specializing in the Asian cultural field. Through many years of experience and widespread contacts to the key players, Shaksfin is able to offer comprehensive services and sometimes groundbreaking tours to orchestras, companies and single artists.

While some artists are represented by Shaksfin Asia, other ensembles, orchestras or dance companies sign on Shakfin’s services to orgnanize special Touring Projects in Asia.

Shaksfin has also started touring within Europe on a smaller scale. Past touring projects included the presentation of the Japanese dance company Gekidan Kataisha, Klaus Obermaier’s multi-media productions DAVE and SACRE, Robert Wilson’s “Hot Water”, dance productions “Labyrinth”, “Elysium” and “Mandala” by Korean choreographer Sen Hea Ha, one of Marcel Marceau’s last engagements in Europe, as well as other productions.