Ensemble Members

Sebastian Pietsch -- Saxophone

Born in Berlin, Pietsch was employed by the Brandenburg Symphony while still a student at the Berlin Music Academy “Hanns Eisler Berlin”. Besides his commitments as solo bassoonist, since 1986 he has been increasingly interested in the saxophone, playing in various jazz bands and recording film and theatre music. It was the opportunity of being involved in a dynamic new ensemble which led him to join “Jacaranda” in 1988. The impressions gathered on concert tours form his main musical motivation in this ensemble.

Richard Mosthaf -- Digeridoo, Alpenhorn

Born in Stuttgart, he studied at the Nuremberg Music Academy and was engaged as hornist by the Brandenburg Symphony in 1991. Concert tours with the orchestra awakened an interest in the sounds of other peoples, Didgeridoo and Alphorn fascinating him in particular. He began to learn the complicated technique of the didgeridoo even before “Jacaranda” was founded, studying with several masters of the instrument. He became a founding member of the ensemble in 1997, attempting to combine the special qualities of Alphorn and Didgeridoo, and developing the unique sound of the “Alpendidg” which can regularly be heard at “Jacaranda” concerts.

Thomas Hoffman -- Alpenhorn, French Horn

Born in Berlin, his parents were instrumental in introducing him to music’s magical powers. He studied at the Berlin Music Academy “Hanns Eisler Berlin” and was immediately employed by the Brandenburg Symphony. His work as solo horn player involves orchestral touring and solo concerts worldwide, besides which he also finds time to dedicate to his own musical projects. Since 1997 playing the Alphorn has become his second most important activity, along with frenchhorn. His contact with musical ideas from all over the world led him to become a founder of “Jacaranda” in 1997.

Bernd Vogel -- Percussion

Born in South Germany, Krumbach, Vogel studied at the Berlin Music
Academy “Hanns Eisler Berlin”. He made numerous recordings for film, television and CD with ensembles ranging from rock, classical to jazz. In 2006 he was appointed as principal timpanist in the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra. It was this work which brought him to Jacaranda in 2003. His own special contribution is the “Afro-beat”: he sought out the origins of this particular type of percussion on various journeys through Africa, and now he weaves the result of this experience into the sound of the group.

Matthias Dressler -- Marimba, Percussion

Born in Berlin, he was employed by the Brandenburg symphony as solo percussionist in 1986, immediately after his final exam at the Berlin Music Academy “Hanns Eisler Berlin”. He frequently takes part in experimental and crossover music productions: aside from major projects such as the legendary “The Wall” concert by Pink Floyd in Berlin in 1990, or the Europa Concert by “Metallica and Symphony” in Berlin in 1999, it is the many smaller productions for which he has repeatedly gained notice as an artist. In order to develop and focus his musicmaking he became a founding member of the ensemble in 1997.