Lan Rao
Born in Guangzhou (Peoples Republic of China), she studied singing and dancing, and continued her studies at Peking Central Conservatory. She was discovered by a member for the Berlin Philharmonic in 1981. She moved to Germany and completed her vocal training with Arleen Auger and Reri Grist, and earned her music degree at the Frankfurt Conservatory and her Masters at the Munich Conservatory. Her work centres around cultivating ancient and new modern Chinese music, and also classic European art songs. She has appeared in numerous appearances including with Leonard Bernstein. Singing has taken her to Western Europe, Russia, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Ya Dong
Born in Shanghai(1961), she has been playing pipa since the age of 6, and at 13 gave her first solo recital. The success of the recital admitted her to study of the pipa at the Shanghai Conservatory. In 1982, Ya Dong was awarded the coveted “National Prize for Soloists on Chinese Instruments”. In 1987, she went to Germany where she gave numerous recitals and performed modern works for pipa and orchestra. She made her first record in 1989 and was introduced to a broad public through television and radio appearances.

Xu Feng Xia
Born in Shanghai(1963) she came into contact with Chinese music in her early years. She earned her concert degree at the Shanghai Conservatory in 1985, and plays various string instruments, the gu-zheng, guqin, liuqin and sanxuan. She studied the last of these with China’s leading sanxuan player and composer, Li Yi. Xu Feng Xia is multi-talented, and she feels as very much at home in ancient and contemporary Chinese music as she does in Western Classical music, jazz, and free improvisation.

From 1985 to 1991, she was a member of the Shanghai Orchestra for traditional Chinese Music. In 1990, at a joint concert with Albert Preisfeld and Lutz Wagner in Shanghai, she first came into contact with improvisation and jazz. Xu Feng Xia has been living in Germany since 1991 and gives concerts as a soloist as well as with the Ensemble.

Jian Guo Lu
Coming from the city of Wuhu, in Anhul province of central China, he studied the erhu at the Shanghai Conservatory. He became a soloist with the leading orchestra for Chinese music, the Chinese Central Orchestra for National Music in Peking. In 1987, he was awarded the coveted title “Distinguished Musician” in a national erhu competition. During the course of his concert life, he won other important awards and also appeared as an erhu player in Bertolucci’s magnificent film “The Last Emperor”.