Ensemble Gufeng

Chinese Ensemble

The Artists:

Rao Lan, Soprano

Dong Ya, Pipa

Xu Fenxia, Guzheng

Zhang Zhenfang, Erhu

Ensemble Gufeng was founded in 1991 and has gained international reputation through numerous concerts all over the world since then. It can be named as one of the few renowned groups which perform the traditional and contemporary Chinese music in very authentic way. Ensemble Gufeng consists of a female voice and three original Chinese instruments Pipa, Guzheng and Erhu.

Their repertoire comprises some of the most beautiful and important tunes of classical Chinese music which doesn’t require a specific instrumentation. The Ensemble Gufeng will perform them partially in their own arrangements. Beside the preservation of this musical heritage the four musicians have committed themselves to the development of the Chinese musical tradition and have commissioned a lot of young Chinese composers such as Zhou Long, Chen Yi or Chen Qi Gang who composed new pieces for the Ensemble Gufeng. During the past years the ensemble has played many world premieres, among them are also some works with orchestra.