In her chamber opera Fantasy of the Red Queen, the impressively gifted writer, composer, performer and vocal artist Liu Sola has abstracted from her story, distilling it into a myth: the myth of the woman who wins power with the help of powerful men.
(…) In six scenes, with a stylized constellation of personae and a broadly eclecticist musical setting, traditional figurative forms of Chinese musical theatre combine with modern psychology, traditional and contemporary musical idioms with elements of pop. Liu Sola has captured the story in a surprisingly clear, intense formal language: a national narrative whose many levels of meaning rise above regional limitations.
(…) Close cooperation between the Ensemble Modern and an ensemble of Chinese musicians and performers working under the name “Liu Sola & Friends” has created a piece in which the music and the musicians themselves shape the action on stage.
(…) The dramatic climax in act five is the revolution, portrayed by the musicians alone. In a striped down choreography, they march across the stage while the percussion instruments provide accompanying noise and structure. At present, concepts of this kind can only be staged with Ensemble Modern.
- Hans Juergen Linke. Frankfurter Rundschau, 8.5.2006