Projects (selection)


Festsaal Rathaus Wien
animated projections synchronized to soundtrack and life performances: Valse, Falco, Elisabeth, The Third Man

Paradeplatz Zürich
architectural light sculpture of Credit Suisse headquarters produceds by Pani/Austria



Center Skyscraper Leipzig
architectural projections in occasion of WM -Final Draw

Philadelphia City Hall Illumination
architectural light sculpture
Philadelphia Holiday Festival/ Center City District
produced by ARTLUMIERE

“Moving Staircase”, Marshall Fields State Street, Chicago
animated projection show synchronized to soundtrack
performed continuously during Holiday Season

CAMP 05 Stuttgart
international festival for visual music and klangkunst
projects with Fried Dähn, Antonio Jorge Goncalves, Hägar, Günther Heinz, Jörg Koch, Gustavo Matamoros

at the Nationaltheater Mannheim
architectural projections 5 images for 5 nights

“Werkstück”, Städtische Galerie Lahr
exhibition and architectural projection

Sculptures de Lumieres, Geneve
architectural projections
in occasion of merger of Crédit Agricole Indosuez (Suisse) SA with Credit Lyonnais (Suisse) SA, now Credit Agricole Suisse SA produced by Arts Opera Promotion and Cite Lumière Production

“Feel the Fascination III Mercedes Event Center Sindelfingen
Integrated large format video-scroller-laser-projections, synchronized to soundtrack

Pavilhao Atlantico Lisboa/Portugal
Indoor panoramic architectural projections
produced by Public Art, Lisboa with Pani/Austria



Peter Dvorsky International Music Festival
CZ-Jaromerice nad Rokytnou
“Prophecy of Libuse” by Bedrich Smetana
Animated architectural projections and fireworks for live concert:
Eva Urbanová – soprano
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra and Kühn Mixed Choir
Frantisek Drs – conductor
Producer: Ars Koncert, Brno
Idea + Fireworks: Jaroslav Stolba/Flash Barrandov, Prague

LichtRaum Dom
Indoor animated illumination of Cologne Cathedral
in occasion of Chorfestival 2004 (organized by
Deutscher Chorverband Pueri Cantores und Kölner Dommusik)
Emirates Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE Architectural projections
“Feel the Fascination II” Mercedes Event Center Sindelfingen Integrated large format video-scroller-projections,
synchronized to soundtrack



“Tissage Automatique”, Cathedrale Saint-Jean
animated architectural projection show;
10,5 minutes loop synchronized to soundtrack
projection operators: Peter Rezac, Franck Bonnier
and urban landscaping illumination Vieux Lyon
produced by Arts Opera Promotion

LUMINOCITY Cleveland/Ohio
Architectural projections on Cleveland Trust Building
for Cleveland Public Art
produced by Arts Opera Promotion
Sound & Light at the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
New visualization: large format projection and lighting
synchronized to soundtrack in cooperation with HORIZON, Cairo

Illumination tribute to innovators – launching tour Audi A8 in USA produced by Arts Opera Promotion Paris

- Gotham Hall New York kick-off; animated 360’ architectural projections tribute to all innovators
- Biltmore Hotel Miami
architectural projections; tribute to Narciso Rodriguez
- Dallas Symphony Hall
architectural projections and video projection
tribute to Bill Joy
- Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
architectural projections; tribute to John Malkovich
- City Hall Beverly Hills Los Angeles
architectural projections; tribute to Guy Laliberte/Cirque du Soleil
- Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston Architectural projections

Melanchthonhaus Bretten
Architectural projection on the occasion of the reopening of the museum

“Feel the Fascination” Mercedes Event Center Sindelfingen
Architectural projection; animated large format and video
projection; 6 theme sequences synchronized to soundtrack,
each 1-2 minutes duration



Hôtel de Departement 13, Marseille
Architectural projections/light sculpture (15.12.2002 – 12.1.2003)
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris

Wilson Building, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC
Architectural projections “Classic America” (13.12.2002 – 6.1.2003)
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris

Spa & Wellness – Exhibition Interbad 2002 Düsseldorf
Large format projection using rotating double scrollers, loop 18 min. – Salt Cascade – video projection loop 15 min., permanent installation for Haslauer GmbH/Ainring



Wilson Building, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC
Architectural projections “Classic America” (3.12.2001 – 6.1.2002)
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris

Dana Discovery Center, Central Park, New York City
Architectural projection “sugarcoated America”
(13.12.2001 – 6.1. 2002) in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris

Ad Day & Ad Night, Mercedes Forum Stuttgart Laser-Sound-Installation “funeral pyre”

“Art into Town” Lahr/Black Forest
Architectural projections — night by night in another place
+ Exhibition in the municipal gallery — day by day print-outs of documentary photos of the previous night replaced those showing former projects

“Quart”, Opening of the Museumsquartier Vienna
Architectural projections using rotating double scrollers,
synchronized to soundtrack
concept, direction, composition: Robert Spour, Vienna
dance choreography: Bertl Gstettner/Tanz*Hotel, Vienna

“Visions of Architecture”, Salzburg
Architectural projections in occasion of the opening of Makart bridge

“Ganz Ohr – Haste Töne”
Exhibition of the Junge Oper der Staatsoper Stuttgart Interaktive laserinstallation visualizing tones

Water tower CH-Luzern
Architectural projection in occasion of the festival “Science et Cite”
in cooperation with Arts Opera Promotion, Paris



“The Dream of Flying” + “Evolution of Transports”
2 shows by rotating double-scrollers, synchronized to sound track, in occasion of the opening of the CargoLifter hangar in Briesen/Berlin; in cooperation with TRIAD Berlin

Piazza Italia
Architectural projection in Wolfsburg
Atmospheric urban light design during a 4-days festival of the
Istituto Italiano di Cultura

“Museum in Focus” in the Open-air Museum Salzburg
associative discovery of the museum’s treasures
permanent multivision show in the Rieder barn
11,5 minutes synchronized to soundtrack

Vienna Ice Dream 2000
Architectural projection on the city hall of Vienna
Atmospheric backtrop for temporary (6 weeks) ice-rink

Night of New Years Eve Marketplace Reutlingen
Architectural projections with associations to the town history,
synchronized to sound track



Stockholm Water Festival
“Urström” Saga on the development of manshaped spaces and
Architectural projections on the Royal Castle , synchronized to
sound track
3-D-laser by Jan Kriland + Bosse Anderson, Stockholm
Music composed by …rjan Strandberg, Stockholm

Official Participants’ Meeting EXPO 2000 Hannover
“Journey around the world”
Architectural projections on an oval temporary indoor architecture
accompanying a live show

“Le Roi David”
oratorium by Arthur Honegger in Ellwangen
Architectural projections as stage sets for a live performance
in cooperation with bits ‘n arts/ Stuttgart for concept and design

“Haus des Buches” in Dresden
Architectural projection (still scenery) in occasion of the opening of
a new bookshop



“JobOpera” Cloud of Sound Festival Linz/Austria
Visualization of the first industrial revolution
Architectural projections synchronized to sound track
Music composition and video by Klaus Obermaier & Robert
Spour, Vienna; 3-D-laser by Jan Kriland, Stockholm

“Springtime in Vienna” at the Vienna Hofburg
Indoor architectural projections in the ceremony hall

“Industrial Garden” Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Laser landscape connections departing from the power station
Children’s Museum Stuttgart
Interactive laser installation visualizing the forms of sound
Award for Innovation Berlin-Brandenburg in Berlin Architectural projections on technical inventions in occasion of the awarding ceremonies, synchronized to sound track



“Prospectives” in Salzburg/Austria
Architectural projections about history and present times on the
ancient archiepiscopal residence, synchronized to sound track
in occasion of Salzburg’s listing as World Cultural Heritage

“KunstüberLeben” Festival der Regionen in Linz/Austria
Architectural projections as a part of an outdoor multimedia event on the main plaza
Musical interactive composition, computer play and video by Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour, Vienna



Opening Ceremony of the Gulf Football Cup in Muskat/Oman and
National Day Celebrations in Sur/Oman
Overall production, architectural projections and laser to soundtrack
and live performances in football stadiums
in cooperation with Sound & Light, Leonberg; Flash Barrandov, Praha;
Peter Eitle, Tübingen + Bela, Munich (projection)



“Unveiling the Reichstag” in Berlin
Projection of a view of the Reichstags building on the Reichstags building, veiled at that time by the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude
in cooperation with Peter Eitle, Tübingen

“Immateriaux” in New York (Kenkeleba Gallery) and Linz/Austria (Neue Galerie)
Interactive laser installation and performance
3 phase of a work in progress
Electronic sound track and musical live performance on the
interactive laser instrument by Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour

Orbis Fictus – new media in contemporary art National Gallery Prague
Interactive laser installation “Dotyk/Touch” in cooperation with David Cajthaml, Praha

IFA Berlin
Interactive laser installation for Telekom/Germany
Sounds by Peter Böhm, Vienna, set by Corinne Schweizer, Vienna



Nederlands Dans Theater Tournee in 8 cities
laser stage set with Martin Müller



Ars Electronica opening concert “Der geklonte Klang”
in Linz, Brucknerhaus
Interactive laser instrument for the KRONOS Quartett,
Slide-projection. Composition: Klaus Obermaier & Robert Spour, Vienna. Development of interactive laser instrument with Kurt Walz, Crailsheim