VJ Videomatics Group

VJ Videomatics group was created in 2005. Taras Koroviakovsky (VJ Spectrum) and Andrei Sarakutza (VJ Razumov a.k.a. VJ Mindswap) united their efforts, knowledge and experience to form an artistic tandem.

When the group was created the main direction of work was, at the moment, club visualization; in time, however, it became clear that high quality visualization was needed at a wide range of events. Today VJ Videomatics group counts over 100 successfully realized projects in Ukraine and beyond.

VJ Spectrum: “The concept of “VJ-ing” for me is not only prepared video cuts that are constantly repeating on a screen but a unique chance to display real time effects logically connected with the music so as to better influence people’s mood and feelings”.

His previous DJ experience prompted him to take such a decision. Since 1997 he has been playing the different styles of electronic music that have been predominant for the last 5 years with a Psy-Trance style. As DJ Ejector, he participates in underground non-commercial trance parties that have allowed him to compile several discs comprising psychedelic and ambient tracks. He also makes music and dreams about a high-quality home music studio. He considers VJ-ing as the most innovation technology in the club music world of the present day.

VJ Razumov Obmen Razumov (a.k.a. Mindswap) – is an artist devoted to the development of projects based on computer graphic arts, programming, music and designing. VJ-ing helped him improve his creative talent. Using these unique technologies, he managed to switch from intricate constructions with bizarre metal frames to creating more alive interactive images.

Considering visualization as one of the most progressive applied art forms, VJ Razumov believes that the main task of VJ-ing is the creation of dynamic, pulsatory and adapted visual images for music, which harmoniously combine with party concepts, decoration and scene plan of the events.