Events where VJ Videomatics participated

Visual Reality of Music Alexei Botvinovs piano concert,
30th anniversary of Yuzhny port,
GlobalGathering 07/08,
Djuice Adrenalin 08,
Kent Futurum Tour 08,
FreeFatFest 08,
Birthday KissFM 06/07,
Discoprize HitFM 07, TopDJ Awards 06/07/08,
Medoff Nightlife Awards 06/07,
Ethnic festival Pechenig Field 06/07/08,
UDMA Awards 07,
Gillette FUSION launch event,
Odessas Day 07,
Zaporojie day festival 07,
numerous performances with leading actors, DJs and musicians, participation in various presentations and commercials in the largest cities of Ukraine.

A particular characteristic of VJ Videomatics is a sense of style and an understanding of VJ-ing as a vast space for the artists work. It is characteristic of Videomatics to aspire to profound penetration into the essence of music and to combine harmoniously modern technologies with the reality of the event.

The goal of every creative project of the group is to synchronize the visual track with the surrounding in such a way that enables the video to help the public get a new emotional and intellectual experience.

The most interesting for VJ Videomatics is to search for a new VJ language in the implementation of concert projects related to classical music.The groups experiments are aimed at a broadening of the associative visual spectrum in the perception of classical music.