Press Reviews

“To call Naturally Seven an impressive live performance would be a huge understatement… the performance could have brought down a stadium.

From bellowing brass to thumping bass, scratching vinyl to ripping drum solo, every sound that you hear from Naturally 7 emerges from their mouths – naturally. For the hugely-talented US-based, seven-member ensemble does not play musical instruments but delivers its full-bodied music with the most natural instrument of all – the human voice.

Standing out from the plethora of a cappella gospel and R&B groups in the American music scene today, Naturally 7 kicks the late 90s’ urban sound up many notches with what it calls “vocal play”.

Specifically, impressive instrument mimicry and vocal acrobatics in flawless harmonies, the group’s vocal play sees its members swapping leads and beats while replicating the sounds of diverse instruments to create full rhythm tracks and the sound of a full band in an artful blend of various genres of music – gospel, R&B, jazz, funk, hip-hop, rap, soul and beatboxing.

The impact of Naturally 7’s music, best experienced live, has inspired standing ovations and rave reviews through the group’s five-album career and its tours throughout Europe and the USA. Today, Naturally 7 is stronger than ever, continually evolving to include diverse “instruments” and sounds while staying true to its love for music, its powerful, “sticks and stones can’t break these tones” (Wall of Sound) delivery, and its uplifting messages of hope and empathy.

Naturally 7 is Garfield Buckley, Rod Eldridge, Warren Thomas, Jamal Reed, Roger “N’glish” Thomas, Dwight Stewart, and Armand “Hops” Hutton.” — Singapore Mosaic Music Festival

“Dazzling. Astonishingly versatile voices … they are magnificent.” — The Guardian, UK

“’Beatboxing’ just isn’t enough to describe how good they are. Superlative, magical … you just have to hear them for yourself.” — A Consuming Experience / Review – Barbican (London)

“Naturally 7 call their talent ‘Vocal Play’, most people would call it jaw-dropping.” — IndigO2, UK

“Naturally 7 is poised to take a cappella to the next level. They’re some of my favorite singers!” — Quincy Jones

“One of the most original and captivating groups of entertainers I’ve ever seen.” — Michael Bublé