Shan Fan was born in Hangzhou, Peoples Republic of China in 1959. By 1975 he was already active in painting and he reached the 3rd place in the Artists Competition in China. From then on, he pursued his study in painting seriously, learning the Traditional Chinese painting in Zheng Dehan, with Prof. Pan Yun and Ding Zhengxian at the Academy for Visual Arts Zhejiang, China from 1977 to 1982. His study furthered as he won the 1st place at the 1982 Artists Associations for the Zhejiang Province. To further pursue his passion, he left China to continue his study at the Academy for Visual Arts in Hamburg with Prof. K.P. Brehmer, and graduated with a diploma in 1987. By 1990 he was trusted to be the Assistant Professor at his palce of study. In 1991 he was admitted in “Who’s who” in the Peoples Republic of China. He became a German citizen in 1992, and at the same time he participated at the Expo in Seville, Spain. From then on Shan Fan’s name made its way through in the scenes such as: “Who’s who of the Overseas Chinese” (1993), The Dictionary of the Achievements of the World Chinese Artists (1995), Who’s who of International Chinese Artists (1996).