Sen Hea Ha – Choreographer/Dancer

Cahwati – Dancer

Rianto – Dancer

Danang Pamungkas – Dancer

Jan Michiels – Piano

Hannes Nimpuno – Producer

Choo Yean Wong – Lighting Designer

Jon de Rule – Technical Director/Stage Manager

Gunnar Nimpuno, Taba Sanchabakhtiar – Video designers

Ueno Hiroko – Costume designer

Music composed by Gyorgy Ligeti:
-Etudes pour piano premier livre (1985)
-Etudes pour piano deuxieme livre (1988 , 1994)
-Etudes pour piano extrait du troisieme livre (1995)
-Musica ricercata for piano

Jan Michiels

Jan Michiels(?1966) studied with Abel Matthys and Arie Van Lysebeth at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. From 1988 to 1993 he studied at the Hochschule der K?nste in Berlin under the direction of Hans Leygraf – he was awarded an
exceptional distinction for his interpretations of Bart??k’s Second concerto for piano and Ligeti’s Etudes. He was Tenuto-laureate in 1988 ; in 1989 he won the international E.Durlet competition. In 1991 he was laureate of the international Queen Elizabeth Competition. In 1992 he was awarded the CERA prize for musicians and in 1996 he was signed up as festival star of the Flanders Festival.

Jan Michiels is currently active as piano professor in the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, where he also led the class of contemporary music for eight years. Since some years he is also an artistic advisor of the Orpheusinstituut. He regularly performs as a soloist or with chamber musicensembles (a.o. the Prometheus-ensemble and a piano duo with Inge Spinette) in several musical centres in Europe and Japan, with conductors such as Baudo, Boreycko, Edwards, E??tv??s, Rahbari, Rundel, Siebens, Stern, Pfaff, Zagrosek, Zender.

He conceives his recitals as rituals of (re)discovery through sometimes unexpected combinations of jewels of piano-music from Bach to today. Apart from his many radio recordings, he also recorded cd’s with works from a.o. Brahms, Debussy, Bart??k, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Ligeti, Kurt?g and Goeyvaerts (these three last composers appreciated very much his interpretations). The cd ‘Via Crucis’ – a Liszt-portrait (Eufoda) – received a Caeciliaprize in 2002.

Rianto, Danang and Rury - Dancer

Rianto was born in Banyumas in 1981. He started to learn dance since the age of 8 with masters of traditional folk art in the region where he was born, known as Banyumasan folk arts. Graduated from STSI Surakarta in 2004 this young artist has been actively involved in various dance forms, traditional and contemporary. Rianto participated in dance workshops such as with Hiroshi (Japan), Yukio Waguri (Butoh, Japan), Indian Katakhali, Gerard Mostard (Holland), Suprapto Suryodarmo (Solo). His works e.g. Mbancer (2000), Lengger Topeng (2001) Hitotshu Jengger, Topeng Baladewa (2003), Rousoku (2004).

Danang Pamungkas was born in Solo, 30 December 1979. Since he was very young he had been attracted to art. He formally studied traditional art forms at SMKI (highschool for traditional arts) and graduated from college of arts of STSI Surakarta. As a dancer he had been involved in various dance project such as with Sardono Kusumo, Eko Supriyanto, Jarot Budidarsono, Suprapto Suryodarmo, Papatara Humara (Japan) etc. Dance workshops with Gerard Mostrad (Holland), Astad Daboo (India). His latest work Panyot Pun Padam has been awarded as first prize winner at the Next Wave Indonesian Choreographer Festival 2004.

Cahwati was born in Banyumas, August 24th, 1982. Start to learn dance formally in highschool for art, and graduated from STSI Surakarta in 2005. Although she grew up with a strong Banyumasan style of arts such as Lengger, or Sintren. She is also tallented in various forms of Javanese dances and vocals either for dances or Javanese songs. Some of her dance work, Nak in 2003, Rodeo in 2003 and Sang Nak in 2005. Assisten coreographer of Opera Ronggeng with Eko Supriyanto in 2004, works in dance project with Deddy Luthan Dance Company in 2005. And with Rini endah in her Membuka Batas dance tour in Java and Sumatra in 2005. Infinita and Bebrayan Coreographed by Sen Hea Ha in Jakarta and Solo. September 2005, a prayer of refuge coreographed by Sen Hea Ha in Jakarta in January 2006.