The Wrecking Crew Orchestra

hip hop dance art

Topping the street dance scene in Asia, Japan’s ultra-hip Wrecking Crew Orchestra (WCO) has established a mind-blowing style of its own, successfully transposing street art’s boundless vitality and amazing stamina on to the stage.

First formed in 2003, the group’s extraordinary hip hop dance art has broken the barriers of age, gender, nationality, language and culture, exploding with imaginative moves and passion and creating a sensation in every part of Japan.

With dancers clad in light suits that combine electroluminescent technology and popular culture, the group has also swept across the globe via the internet, with their online video receiving more than three million views on YouTube in the first month of its release.

The eight core members of WCO – Yokoi, Dominique, Hanai, Take, Shohei, Bon, Sawada and U.U. – each contribute their own artistic vision while working dynamically as a group. At the New Vision Art Festival in Hong Kong, the team is joined by more than 50 of Japan’s top street dance talents for their newly choreographed FAKEST – meaning the world’s best imitation.

The programme showcases the new generation’s carefree yet innovative lifestyle. Overflowing with creativity, the sparky dance numbers synchronise with the music, visualise the music, and finally become one with the music. Interspersed with Tron-like choreography between different routines, the performance delivers a fascinating futuristic experience.