Interactive, 3-D media performance of Stravinsky's ballet "Rite of Spring"

created by Klaus Obermaier

“Sacre” is the latest project of renowned Austrian media artist Klaus Obermaier. It features a breath taking, new and innovative interpretation of Stravinsky’s classical masterpiece “Le Sacre du Printemps” (Rite of Spring) written as ballet music and performed worldwide as one of the great repertoire pieces for contemporary ballet companies as well as for symphony orchestras.

The performance can take place indoor in a regular concert hall or outdoor. A symphony orchestra will be placed on stage with a special small stage for one dancer in front of the orchestra. The audience will be equipped with special glasses which are designed to watch special performances three-dimensional.

Cameras and electronic sensors transfer the dancer’s body into a virtual, three-dimensional space which will be projected onto approximately 13 × 6 meter large screen.
The choreography will be split in several time layers and viewing angles. These layers and angles superpose and multiply each other and provide a completely new insight of the body and its dynamic (movement processes). Musical phrases and motifs control and manipulate directly the visuals. While in conventional dance productions of ‘Sacre’ the dance and choreography is created and “pre-produced” strictly based on the musical score. Obermaier’s “Sacre” presents a new approach and uses the energy and structure of the music to trigger real-time processes and modify the virtual presence of the dancer and its avatars (*) in order to create some sort of “Meta-Choreography”. The music is not only the starting point for the choreography but also serves to complete it.

The “ritual” circle not only concludes on the metaphorical level but also on the technological level and in the choreography itself. It’s not any longer the atavistic, Russian rite of offering a human body through which the ‘new’(in its original meaning – the spring!) is being conjured but the dissolution of the human being and its fusion with music and space which generates a new dimension of perception. Our “offering” is the transformation of the real body (the dancer’s body and its mind) into the virtual reality.

(*) A graphical image of a human being or computer user, such as used in graphical real-time applications, or, a graphical personification of a computer or a computer process.